Who is MTMC?

A nationally recognized healthcare outsourced sales organization that provides a nationwide independent sales team solution, currently meeting the emerging needs of leading healthcare manufacturers. In 2020 at the behest of many of our healthcare manufacturer partners, we started an animal health division, led by market experts from the animal health business who are actively seeking new and innovative ways of bringing products and technology to veterinary practices.

30 Years of Success

We understand that the animal health and human health markets are different, often with the animal health side following trends started on the human side, with telemedicine being a prime example. We are leveraging that knowledge, along with our other family of companies which focus on inside sales, strategic account management and interior design, to bring a new level of value to the animal health market.

Meeting the Challenges of a Growing Market

Like the healthcare market, animal health has gone through massive changes and growth over the past 10 years, making it harder to bring new and innovative products to market. Consolidation continues at all levels, from the providers, to manufacturers and distributors, adding to the challenge. The good news is the market is growing at a record rate, driven by the human-animal bond. The total market today is just over $100B and is projected to reach $275B by 2030, which is why so many leading companies are pursuing opportunities in this market. We are here to help.

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