Gordon Huckestein

MTMC has been a trusted partner for our Human Division for many years. When MTMC launched their new business into the animal health market, we immediately signed a contract for them to represent our new veterinary line, DVMPro. In a very short period of time MTMC has introduced us to industry leading purchasing groups, large corporate practices, as well as signing on a new private label partner who will produce significant business. We’re off to a great start, and it’s their go-to-market strategy, industry connections and market knowledge that made this happen. In short, they are a great partner who has put us in a very strong position during our launch phase.

Randy Walsh

Medi-Tech International has had a desire to break into the animal health market for years. But with our core business on the human health side growing it required our full attention and resources, and just didn’t allow us the opportunity to go after another market where we would be starting at ground level. Thanks to our relationship with MTMC, and the formation of their animal health program directed by Rick Boggess, we are now involved in a Master Dealer animal health program. The program is in it’s early stages, but we feel confident it will be a success!

Brian Emmer

Bowman Dispensers has been a long term manufacturer represented exceptionally by MTMC. When we heard that MTMC was expanding it’s presence into the Animal Health market, we thought it would be a natural progression of introducing the Bowman product line into that un-tapped market. We met with Rick Boggess VP of Business Development – MTMC Animal Health Division. Rick’s overview and thorough, professional understanding of this market gave us the confidence to engage the services of Rick and his team. Rick has since introduced us to numerous opportunities and has been instrumental in the development of our “Go-To” market strategy into the Animal Health market. We are very excited about the potential growth in sales and the business relationships we will create as we venture down this path. Kudo’s to Rick and the MTMC management team for providing this opportunity.